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An American classic by Arthur Miller, The Crucible dramatizes the 1692-1693 Salem witch trials. In a community undergoing great change—where some feel as if they are losing control—hatred is expressed, the vulnerable are scapegoated, hysteria takes hold, and vengeance is taken. Written as an allegory for American mid-20th Century political repression, The Crucible remains as relevant today as when it debuted in 1953.


Thursday, March 21st @ 7 pm
Friday, March 22nd @ 7 pm
Saturday, March 23rd @ 7 pm
Sunday, March 24th @ 2 pm



Congratulations to the Cast & Crew of The Crucible!



John Proctor: AJ Vasquez
Abigail Williams: Kyra Knibbs
Reverend John Hale: Preston Schoenherr
Elizabeth Proctor: Ariana Grace
Reverend Samuel Parris: Graham King
Deputy-Governor Danforth: Cassius Rodriguez-Hayes
Mary Warren: Audrey Kim
Giles Corey: Joey Williams
Tituba: Laurel Bolts
Rebecca Nurse: Isabella Berenstein
Thomas Putnam: Mick McVey
Mrs. Ann Putnam: Madison Bishop
Betty Parris: Sophia Guevara
John Willard (and Music Director): Jonathan Trimble
Judge Hathorne: Owen Convery
Ezekiel Cheever: Rohan Kumar
Mercy Lewis: Claire Freeman
Francis Nurse: Theodore Krakower
Sarah Good: Manasvi Ojha
Susanna Walcott: Angela McNevin
Hopkins: Bharath Guduri
Officer of the Court: Lorenzo Vasquez
Ensemble/Dancing Girls/The Coven: Meilyn Hill
Ensemble/Dancing Girls/The Coven: Alexandra Bloom
Ensemble/Dancing Girls/The Coven: Aideen Delahunt
Ensemble/Dancing Girls/The Coven: Nicole Hahn
Ensemble/Dancing Girls/The Coven: Janelle Soriano
Ensemble/Dancing Girls/The Coven:  Clariss Bolanos
Martha/ Ensemble/Dancing Girls/The Coven: Ariela Leventhal



Stage Manager: Kelsey Araghi
Lightboard Operator: Sydney Rose
Soundboard Operator: Margret Payne
Assistant Stage Manager, Right: Miles King
Assistant Stage Manager, Left: Maria Sell
Props Master: Emma Crellin
Stage Crew: Matthias Anderson
Stage Crew: Brooklyn Field
Stage Crew:  Thea Wagner
Stage Crew: Samantha Wen
Photographer: Brooklyn Field


Aragon Advanced Drama Presents Its 2019 One Act Musical featuring music from “Come From Away”

Friday, May 24th

7 pm 

Aragon Theater




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