Upcoming Season

We’re Thrilled to Announce Our

2022 – 2023 Season!


Fall Musical –  Mamma Mia!

November 17 – 20, 2022



A Mother. A Daughter. 3 Possible Dads.

And a Trip Down the Aisle You’ll Never Forget!


ABBA’s greatest hits are woven into a tale set on the sunny Greek island of Kalokairi. Sophie is feverishly planning her wedding to the handsome and idealistic Sky, but is saddened that her mother, Donna, has never told her the identity of her father. After secretly poring over her mother’s diary, she identifies three potential candidates: adventurer Bill, stockbroker Sam, and ex-rocker Harry, and secretly invites them to the island, hoping to finally discover who should walk her down the aisle.
Needless to say, when all three men arrive, Donna is thrown into an emotional quandary, as feelings long forgotten surface. With the help of her two best friends and former glam-rock bandmates, Donna takes a trip down memory lane. At the same time, Sophie and Sky are facing doubts of their own as Sophie feels obligated to help her mother refurbish their ramshackle hotel, while Sky yearns for adventure away from the island.
A hedonistic bachelor party for both the bride and groom winds up with surprising confessions and confrontations that threaten the wedding. Donna must face her ex-lovers and deal with emotions running havoc through her. As the day of the wedding dawns, will Sophie ever discover who her father is? And will Donna finally lay the past to rest and follow her heart?


Congratulations to the Cast & Crew of Mamma Mia on an amazing run!



Alexa Latini: Donna Sheridan, Sophie’s mother
Charlotte Gregory: Sophie Sheridan, born and raised on the island
Leo Levitt: Sam Carmichael, might be Sophie’s father
Nick Schick: Bill Austin, might be Sophie’s father
Phoenix Seevers: Harry Bright, might be Sophie’s father
Thomas Williams: Sky, Sophie’s fiancé
Ashlyn Tsui: Tanya, Former Dynamo
Gemma Gibeault: Rosie, Former Dynamo
Alessandra Hernandez: Lisa, Sophie’s friend
Maya Efron: Ali, Sophie’s friend
Oliver Levitt: Eddie, helps Sky with water sports
Jude Hendricks: Father Alexandrios, the local Priest
Macen Adams
Samantha Crellin
Sylvia Demeule
Deirdre Doyle
Brody Friedeberg
Samantha Green
Kaden Judge
Leighton King
Katya Kleinhenz
Neeha Kumar
Bridgette Martin
Andrew McColl
Jack McNeely
Bella Musich
Sacha Perlson
Sophia Rayes
Ellie Rose
Kamaile Zimmerman



Alessandro Riedel: Stage Manager
Grace Isola: Soundboard Operator
Mattias Wigenstam: Light Board Operator
Pol Viladevall: Spotlight Operator
Keira McLintock: Spotlight Operator
Dani Drobot: Assistant Stage Manager, Right
Sarah Klein: Assistant Stage Manager, Left
Garrett Field: Stage Crew
Noah Shefer: Stage Crew
Eddie Margolin: Stage Crew
Rebekah George: Stage Crew
Kevin Vigil: Stage Crew
Lorenzo Mack: Stage Crew
Audrey Wang: Stage Crew
Lily Grey: Stage Crew
Chloe Levadoux: Props Master
Hailey Le Monte: Props Assistant
Eden Kwan: Costumes
Isabelle Ly: Costumes
Jane Palladino: Director’s Assistant
Carole Darve: Production Photography




Spring Play –

The Diary of Anne Frank

March 16 – 19, 2023

The Diary of Anne Frank is based upon the famous book, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. Recounting the story of her own life in hiding as a young Jewish girl during the Holocaust, Anne Frank captivated the minds and hearts of readers everywhere with her own diary. Presented in two acts, The Diary of Anne Frank closely follows the events Anne details in her diary. In the play, Anne, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Margot (Anne’s sister), Mr. and Mrs. van Daan and their son Peter, all escape to the Secret Annex to hide from the Nazis. With the aid of dear friends, the stowaways spend months together in a tiny apartment, surviving, and ultimately, delaying their fate.
Anne’s words have left a legacy, and this dramatization of her experience leaves audiences contemplative about a history that happened not long ago. This heartfelt show is a winner of multiple awards including a Tony Award for Best Play.